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Memories Fade. Photos Don't.
Make your yacht racing memories indelible, with Ultimate Sailing.

For more than 35 years award-winning photographer Sharon Green has been capturing the breathtaking excitement of sailboat racing and taking it to a new level of artistry. With an eye for color, light, energy and form, she brings the viewer into the heart of the fray to fully experience the passion, bustle and splendor of yacht racing. Choose from thousands of photos of the world's most thrilling regattas in the most scenic venues. These captivating images can be ordered as prints, or as digital downloads for reproduction on t-shirts, mugs, mousepads, and more: timeless, one-size-fits-all gifts and artwork that will delight sailors and landlubbers alike.

 Prints:  Select high quality photographs in traditional silver halide process printing on archival quality paper. Also available as canvas texturized prints, and luminescent prints on metal, in sizes ranging from 8" x 10" to posters, and museum quality large format art.

Digital Downloads:  High-resolution repro quality files for DIY printing and novelties, or economical low-resolution downloads for social media. (No third-party or commercial usage.) See our FAQs for best results.

Whatever medium you choose, Sharon Green's Ultimate Sailing images are the ideal keepsake and inspiration - of an event, a yacht, or a dream; and the perfect gift for the sailing enthusiast.

Browse our galleries here; which are continually updated with the latest images from regattas around the globe.


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