How do we get Sharon Green & Ultimate Sailing to cover our event?
Just call! We are always looking for exciting new events that reflect the "Ultimate" in the sport of sailing.

Can we afford it?
Coverage can be tailored to your budget, which varies according to the location and length of the event. Fees include travel, accomodations, and day rate; but the indelible memories and images are priceless! Don't forget your competitors can elect to pitch in to receive a gallery of images, which can subsidize costs.

What do you need?
A super-speedy and maneuverable chase boat and qualified driver are a must. We do the rest!
(Helicopter charter optional, if conditions demand.)

Will we get into the Ultimate Sailing Calendar?
Chances sure are better, if we're there! But only Mother Nature knows for sure if the winds and weather will align to create a calendar-worthy image.

What's a "digital gallery"?
A customized selection of professionally edited high resolution images which you access on the internet via a private URL and password. You have unlimited access to this gallery, and can share it with your crew, family and friends. Individual images are downloadable online with the click of a button. Use these files to make prints, or novelties like imprinted t-shirts, coffee cups, mouse pads, etc.
*Not for commercial use: additional fees apply.

What if you didn't get any pictures of me?
Aha! Our public galleries depict only a sliver of the action we capture at a typical regatta, but we have thousands more on file. Send us the name of your event, boat name, sail #, and any other helpful description, and we can search and create a customized gallery for you and your crew.


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