WOW! 2022 is the 40th edition of the Ultimate Sailing Calendar - on Sale October 1st!

40th Edition - Ultimate Sailing Retrospective

The passage of time eludes our grasp: we can only look back in awe and look forward in anticipation. Never did I expect, 40 years ago, that my visionof creating the Ultimate Sailing Calendar would endure and provide such an extaordinary life experience. boundless advancements in sailing, and concurrently radical developmentsin camera and photographic technology, have kept me on my toes and the years have swept by! I find myself at this landmark anniversary: humbled by your patronage and inspired by your support. To my many friends, collegues, clients and subjects who have sustained and fueled this endless passion for capturing the ultimate Sailing image, I extend my deepest love and gratitude.

~Sharon Green

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