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2023 Ultimate sailing calendar

Elevate! That’s my buzzword for 2023 and I can think of no better term as we enter a New Year teeming with promise and opportunity. It’s time to elevate our thinking and actions, elevate others: uplift, promote, advance, buoy … Any way you put it, it’s time to chin up, get out of the rut of these last trying years, and raise our sights. Up, up and away!
Each year when curating the new Ultimate Sailing Calendar, I seek to inspire and uplift my wonderful and faithful audience. Whether these images stir exploration and adventure, or just the simple joys of an afternoon sail, I hope the 2023 edition gives you the boost you deserve.


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Host Movie night at your club!

Sharon Green – Ultimate Sailing in association with Gareth Kelly – Bowline Films are thrilled to announce their documentary short film, Fresh to Frightening – The Sharon Green Story is on tour.

The 19-minute short film tells the story of how a young woman from Canada - Sharon Green - inspired by her father's yacht racing triumph, rises to the top through the '80s and ’90s of a male-dominated industry to become one of the leading competitive yacht racing photographers in the world and the founder of Ultimate Sailing.

Take a glimpse behind the scenes of this glamorous and exciting sport as Green preps for races, chases down the wind, and takes to the sky in a helicopter hoping to capture images of majestic racing yachts in “big seas & big winds”, conditions Green lives for and calls  – Fresh to Frightening.

For more information on the film, updates and contact info visit www.freshtofrightening.com or follow the film on Instagram @freshtofrightening

We hope to see you at the movies!


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