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Sharon Green – Ultimate Sailing in association with Gareth Kelly – Bowline Films are thrilled to announce their documentary short film, Fresh to Frightening – The Sharon Green Story is on tour.

The 19-minute short film tells the story of how a young woman from Canada - Sharon Green - inspired by her father's yacht racing triumph, rises to the top through the '80s and ’90s of a male-dominated industry to become one of the leading competitive yacht racing photographers in the world and the founder of Ultimate Sailing.

Take a glimpse behind the scenes of this glamorous and exciting sport as Green preps for races, chases down the wind, and takes to the sky in a helicopter hoping to capture images of majestic racing yachts in “big seas & big winds”, conditions Green lives for and calls  – Fresh to Frightening.

For more information on the film, updates and contact info visit www.freshtofrightening.com or follow the film on Instagram @freshtofrightening

We hope to see you at the movies!


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