2024 Ultimate Sailing Calendar

This year’s Calendar truly captures my vision of Ultimate Sailing today, embracing the latest classes and excitement in the world of sailing. At the same time, while there’s a huge buzz about these developments, it's undeniable that today – despite all the progress and innovation – there’s still plenty of room for traditional boats and boating. It’s sort of like life itself. There’s room for everyone in the sport of sailing: young and old, minute and grand, traditional and techie. That’s the beauty of yachting.

And our sport remains popular and pervasive in every nook and cranny of the planet. The 2024 Ultimate Sailing Calendar images embrace Sydney and the Southern Ocean; spanning from Europe to the East Coast to Hawaii; we sail off the coast of Africa; and in an exotic Eurasian port of Turkey. You’ll find a stunning curation of images within the 2024 edition of the Ultimate Sailing Calendar. Enjoy!

~ Sharon Green

The Ultimate Sailing Calendar is a perennial favorite of sailors. Action-packed and vibrant, big and bold: it’s 24” by 18” when displayed. Expertly printed on durable high-quality Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paper, with environmentally friendly linseed and soya oil-based ink – it’s friendly to Mother Nature while looking good all year long. 

$28.95 ea. / 2 or more $25.95 ea. / 5 or more $20.00 ea.

Canada, Australia, Japan.

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