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2017 America's Cup

by Sharon Green June 22, 2017

Q&A with Sharon Green

On-Site at America's Cup in Bermuda

How many America’s Cups have you been to?

My first was 1983 which was also the first time I flew in a helicopter. I was in the air for the historic final race when Australia II won the Cup in Newport, RI. I have been to almost every America's Cup since.

What's on your shot list for the 35th America's Cup?

The excitement in the morning with the crowds supporting their teams. There is a ton of activity as the boats are launched. Then the exhilaration of the racing and the post racing return to the dock. There is only one winner, so it can be quite dramatic. 

Give us an idea of your artillery of camera bodies and lenses

Several Canon 1dX's and a 200-400 1.4 ext, 70-200, 16-35, 100-400.

How do you manage all this?

It is quite complicated. We are on boats that are open, so we need water tight cases for the equipment. Most use Pelican cases, but they are huge and heavy. I am using a modified cooler that is more upright and has a hinge top for easy access. Plus it gives me a seat.

What’s your typical day look like?

Dawn patrol by water taxi (45 mins) from the media hotel direct to the media center at the AC Village. With our press credentials we can enter the Media Center. I have a giant locker where I keep my equipment. First is a weather briefing, followed by the dock out show.

Then we board our press boats, head out to the race course. When the racing is done, we head in, back to the media center to start downloading the CF cards. Usually there is another press conference about 30 minutes after we arrive. Then digital post and then upload to the various media distribution sites. Once the digital post is done, head back to the water taxi and back to the hotel.


What do you enjoy the most about the America's Cup?

I have to admit, one of the best things about covering the America's Cup, is getting to reconnect with friends from around the world, work alongside my colleagues and rub elbows with the sailing rock stars.


What’s been your most exciting moment so far?

We finished the Louis Vuitton Challenger Series a week ago. It is exciting that the racing has been so close with lead changes, so I am hoping that the AC will be another exciting event.

Who do you think is going to win?

I'm not going to guess, no matter what it is going to be exciting.



Sharon Green
Sharon Green


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